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Mixing with the Rich and Famous

June 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up on a Friday morning, went downstairs to the kitchen to have my usual, leisurely morning coffee to drink while checking my emails, Facebook and any messages I might have received during the night. I wasn't yet fully awake as I scrolled through my emails, but one particular one caught my eye, with the tag line:

Massage appointment - Saturday 2nd June

I don't often work Saturdays. However, I do perhaps one or two a month and only usually mornings. I've learnt the hard way that I need to have time off. But, working the occasional Saturday morning helps me see clients if I've been busy with meetings or admin, during the week. Anyway, I had already clients booked in this particular Saturday but did have space since someone had cancelled. So, I opened the email and it's contents said:

One of our cast members is looking to have a 90 minute, home visit massage at his hotel, tomorrow at 4pm

Well, I don't do home visits any more. They're time consuming and really, it doesn't pay to go to someone's home. But, I was intrigued. This actor had just arrived from America and the person who signed the email was the Production Secretary for Hat Trick (Flack) Limited, so I replied giving a quote for the massage, plus a 'call out' fee and requesting where I would be required to go to. All done, really before I had woken up, and so I didn't really give a 'sensible' quote; i.e.: I didn't really charge enough. However, off the email went and I waited for the reply.


Within an hour I got a response thanking me for my prompt reply, stating the massage would be Stoke Park, a 5 star hotel in Stoke Pogues and that she was awaiting confirmation from 'Bradley'. Blimey, I thought, with growing excitement, I wonder is it Bradley Cooper? So, I got straight on the internet to see who 'Bradley' might be. Thankfully, it wasn't to be Bradley Cooper - I don't think I could have managed to see him half dressed, lying on my treatment couch! No, it was to be Bradley Whitford of The West Wing and The Mentalist, fame. His latest movie was the low budget but very successful 'Get Out'. I had seen Get Out but wasn't aware of any of the other stuff he'd been in and although I knew he was a famous Holywood actor, I wasn't star struck. 


So, it was all arranged. I would go to Stoke Park hotel, armed with my portable treatment bed, couch cover, massage oil and bolster. I had, not long previously, hurt my back quite badly, so wasn't able to carry the treatment bed. Bradley wasn't at all phased and quite happily carried it to and from his room. We did a brief consultation, as I had gone over his consultation form prior to arriving. He was personable, friendly and chatty prior to the treatment and again afterwards, talking about the current President, how amazing he felt it was that another actor - Megan Markle - had got married to a prince. We chatted about our families, the weather in California and other normal chit chat. He didn't have an ego, which was nice. The only time the fact that he as an actor came up was when I mentioned that I'd seen 'Get Out'. I said it was completely bonkers, but brilliant, and he seemed genuinely pleased I'd seen it. He said it was one of the least expensive movies made - 4 million dollars, as opposed to 40 million, and that is was shot in just a week.  After that, he carried my treatment bed down to my car and put it in the boot for me. He then gave me a hug, kissed my cheek and said goodbye. It was almost like we'd known each other for ages, not that he was rich and famous and we'd only just met. A genuinely decent guy!



"Petra gave the perfect massage and I am eternally grateful. It’s God’s work she’s doing!"

Bradley Whitford


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