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The Magic Massage that can help you heal after surgery.

August 14, 2019

If you could do something that would help reduce your swelling more quickly, speed up your healing process, helped your scars look better and meant you could get back to your normal activities sooner wouldn't you do it?




Well, Lymphatic Massage, or Manual Lymph Drainage as it's properly known, is the magic treatment.


This amazing therapy has been around since 1935 and was developed by Emil Vodder and his wife, who lived in the South of France. Many of their clients were English who regularly suffered with coughs and colds and they discovered that their special form of massage helped these pesky infections clear up. 


Over the years, they discovered that this magic massage not only improved peoples immune systems but that it also reduced swelling. Since then, it has become one of THE most important therapies in the treatment of lymphoedema, a chronic swelling condition that currently has no cure. 


In 2006 I went to The Centre of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Ann Arbor, Michigan to train in treating problematic scars. Part of the training was learning about the lymphatic system and of how important it was in post-surgery care. During my 6 weeks there, I saw first hand how wonderful this magic massage was. Patients loved the fact that they were healing quickly and being able to go home sooner after their surgery. 


It has taken some time for this wonderful therapy to become more widely known, particularly in plastic surgery circles. Unfortunately, lots of plastic surgeons have such big egos that they don't think anything will benefit their handy-work. However, 13 years later, I'm really delighted to see that more and more surgeons and plastic surgery clinics are starting to see the benefits of this truly magic massage.


So, if you're considering having a plastic, reconstructive or cosmetic procedure, then you should most definitely consider having a Magic Massage afterwards. You'll love it. It's gentle and relaxing and you'll feel cared for. And, most importantly, you'll feel great afterwards.


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