Cedar Court, Grove Business Park

White Waltham, SL6 3LW



Wendy Woo

Petra really cares about people and healing them. Love for her job and her patients oozes out of her every pore. I have been to see Petra on numerous occasions but more recently after hip revision surgery. After a gentle massage treatment on the scar tissue, it felt less tight and that afternoon I noticed an improvement in my step. Petra suggested I go back in a couple of days for lymphatic drainage. My mind immediately turned to plastic tubes and a bucket! However, as I was to learn, this treatment (no bucket in sight) was a beautifully relaxing massage helping lymphatic fluid along to the lymph nodes to reduce unwanted swelling. Today I feel so much better, no limping at all and reduced swelling around the scar tissue on my thigh. Petra has healing hands. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has had surgery or is suffering with swelling.


I have now had several massages with Petra & I always leave feeling so much more connected, calmer & aware of what mentally, emotionally & physically needs more attention. Petra is no doubt one of the most experienced & expertly qualified therapists I have come across which leaves you feeling safe, in good hands & trusting it is safe to let go. Professional & highly recommended.

Debbie Durbaca

Petra is an Amazing lady with years of knowledge and you feel so at ease as soon as you walk in the door.
I would like to thank her as I was feeling very sore and was in a lot of pain on my first visit.

Petra gave me a very soothing treatment and advice on self care and exercise tips.

I’ve been back today for another treatment and came away feeling completely relaxed and a different person.

This lady really listens to your needs and gives as
Much advice as you need.

Thank you Petra